May 2021 Newsletter


The best customized software for jury selection is finally ready for you

After a year of feedback to create customized software, it is finally getting used!

If you think there’s a better way to manage jury selection — especially with a team of people who might not all be allowed in the courtroom — you’re right.


Imagine your particular system of voir dire translated from pen, paper and post-it notes to cloud-based software, customized around your process and empowering your team to help you decide who to keep and who to strike.

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Each user can see jurors visually at they sit in the box, in sortable lists or half a dozen other views

Overview of the jury

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We set up new features every week based on feedback from professionals. Nothing else comes close to empowering everyone on the jury selection team to capture every background note, trial impression and insight from each decision-maker to help the trial attorney make the best decisions on strikes.

JurorSearch can make your next voir dire so much better organized.

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