July 2021 Newsletter


Weekly trainings; new remote opportunities to help with jury trials

Thanks for your interest and support of JurorSearch!

Every Monday at noon CST we host a JurorSearch 101 training. Join us!

Find a partner for your next trial: social media searches, data entry, jury consultants, attorneys

Jury trials are a team effort. JurorSearch makes remote work possible for any courtroom attorney. Get to know some of our partners — all of whom are familiar with JurorSearch — who can help your next trial with social media searches, data entry or consulting.

Would you like to join our Partners directory? With our real-time platform, you can help out with any courtroom trial in the country. Get in touch to get listed.

History! Last month, both litigants in a civil trial used JurorSearch during jury selection. Thank you, clients!

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