October 2021 Newsletter



Post-its are negligent when picking a jury with a team

The trial consulting firm Persuasion Strategies recently incorporated JurorSearch into a mock trial and created a multi-camera video of the proceeding that demonstrated our Hand Raisers feature. We appear in their most recent blog post titled Innovate to Keep Track of Information During Voir Dire.

See JurorSearch in action

Those check boxes for the answer to each hand raiser questions appear in the visual Juror Seats display allowing attorneys and consultants to intuitively see which jurors answered which questions.

Keep track of all jurors visually

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We recommend using JurorSearch when more than one person is involved with jury selection. If the attorney is alone and needs to record all notes by him or herself, pen and paper is better than software for memory retention and keeping rapport with jurors.

For important cases where the attorney has assistance — a second chair, a consultant, a paralegal or a researcher — use JurorSearch.

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