April 2022 Newsletter

Partners for your next jury selection

Expand your team with JurorSearch.

Bring in researchers, paralegals and consultants outside of the courtroom to help you with jury selection.

Everyone logs in to see in real-time notes, comments and impressions of each juror — organized.

We have compiled a list of virtual paralegals, data entry specialists and social media researchers to partner with you during voir dire.

They are listed on our (growing) Partners page.

And you can’t use their help with post-its!

Do you have 10 minutes for a walk through of JurorSearch?

Pick any time on my calendar, jump on a Zoom, share your screen and I will walk you through it to see an organized jury selection with your entire team.

Grab 10 minutes! https://savvycal.com/JurorSearch/10Minutes
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