A solution for jury consultants

Communicate your expertise with clients in real-time

Jury consultants have incredible insights and perspective to share with the courtroom attorney. Our software is the best way to convey those insights in real-time to clients. Emailed spreadsheets or pdf files are inferior to our intuitive software with specific juror profiles and several different views to meet the clients’ specific needs.

Jury research organized by juror

Consultants can find information on each juror through public records searches and social media scrapes. How to share that information to the courtroom instantly in an organized, intuitive way? JurorSearch. Our software is built from jury consultants’ directions on the communications tool they wish they have had.

Create a national remote practice

Work on the JurorSearch platform and expand your practice nationally without needing to sit in the courtroom with a client. Share your insights in real-time with the client and follow along with each question and answer typed into the platform by a colleague in the courtroom.