Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize JurorSearch to match the system I use on legal pads and post-it notes?

Yes. Almost every component of the software is customizable so every attorney or consultant can enjoy the benefits of a computer’s speed, efficiency and organization with their particular system of rating, ranking or designating jurors. The Custom View workflow allows a user to pick whatever columns they want to display; the Custom Field allows the user to select whatever fields they want to input and the Rating system can be changed from the default of 1-5 to whatever system (A-F, Keep/Strike/Neutral, 1-10) the attorney or consultant wants.

My client or partner likes paper when we get a break to review jurors. Can you print everything out in a nice format?

Yes. We generate beautiful one-page pdfs of each juror with all the information, notes, insights and research you and your team have come up with during the trial. You can export the entire venire into pdfs and send them over to the client or partner at any time.

What if I want you to make some changes or adjustments to the software? Is that possible?

Absolutely. We deploy new features and enhancements every week. In fact, every single part of JurorSearch came from feedback and suggestions from trial professionals. We’ve never litigated a jury trial so we have no preconceived notions of what jury selection software ought to be. You tell us what you want and (within reason) and we’ll incorporate it. And thank you for the suggestion!

What if I can't get online during the trial?

If the courtroom doesn’t offer good wi-fi, our technical partners can outfit almost every courtroom with equipment to guarantee an excellent connection. Please see our Partners page to find a vendor near you or reach out to Dan Johnson for assistance connecting with a vendor who can serve your next courtroom.

Do you provide any data or AI or anything to help me make decisions?

No. We are just a software solution. We happen to be the absolute best custom-built software solution for jury selection, but we are like Word or Slack. We are the absolute best solution for organizing and managing jury selection, not a data provider.

I want a jury consultant or online researcher to help me during trial. How does JurorSearch help with that?

The nice part about using our software is that you can have a consultant or a company that does rapid searches of jurors available to you in your account working with you in real-time. There are a number of partners in this space that are familiar with JurorSearch and available to you at their rates. JurorSearch makes it possible for you to work with anyone around the country on your trial.

How many people can be in my account at the same time?

Unlimited. The more people that you give an account to in your company, the better you can collaborate and help each other out. And since it is web-based, there is no need for them to be in the same courtroom or the same city.

What sort of support or training will I get?

Unlimited – within the constraints of a small team (for now!). We do one hour walk through tours of JurorSearch on request. Plus, paying clients can text or email anytime with questions.

What's your endgame here?

We are really grateful we fell into this niche of jury selection software and that so many attorneys and trial consultants have been so generous with their time to share with us what they want jury selection software to do. We want to continue to enhance and improve JurorSearch for years to make jury trials better for everyone. We want to work with you for years. It’s like getting custom software without paying for it.

Would you help me get the data into JurorSearch?

Yes. We work with Sharp Copy Transcription to transcribe juror surveys or other documents into JurorSearch for instant access by everyone on your team. They charge of $60/hour/person for their top of the line ASAP data entry professionals.

Do you really give a refund if I'm not satisfied?

Yes. We think we are the absolute best software partner for jury selection. We only want to work with people who are delighted with JurorSearch. If you’re not, we don’t want to keep your money.

Is JurorSearch a good solution if I am doing voir dire by myself?

Not really. JurorSearch works best with two or more people collaborating. If you are on your own, you likely won’t have time to use JurorSearch well. There’s another software product JuryBox that is a better fit for solos. Check them out.