We are proud to partner with the nation’s finest jury consultants, researchers and trial attorneys. Our partners are available to serve both in-person and remotely. Because of their familiarity with JurorSearch, they are ready to share their expertise, research or data in real-time.

Persuasion Strategies

Persuasion Strategies studies online spaces for regular activity by your potential jurors. Our research team identifies these public presences to determine the backgrounds, attitudes, and beliefs of your venire. We have studied thousands of prospective jurors and are ready to help find the best audience for your case, whether you receive information about your jury pool ahead of or on the day of trial..

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Upstream Juror Research

Upstream Intelligence offers a dedicated team of Research Analysts who conduct real-time social media and public record background investigations into each juror. They are able to deploy their team as soon as you get the venire. Research is custom-tailored to the issues of the case, and ongoing juror monitoring or post-trial research is also available. They are fully integrated with JurorSearch.

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Law Office of Kellie Mannette

Kellie Mannette is a criminal defense attorney in North Carolina. She is Board Certified Specialist in State Criminal Law. She is enthusiastic about using JurorSearch to manage her live statistical analyses for Batson-Wheeler challenges for the state’s use of peremptory strikes.

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Sharp Copy Transcription

A JurorSearch trained data entry firm, Sharp Copy can handle ASAP data entry needs, especially written juror surveys.


Fields Law Firm, PC

Willie Lamar Fields is a 41 year veteran of criminal and civil trials in a wide variety of practice areas.He has limited his practice to DUI defense in recent years but has continued to leverage technology to his client’s advantage.He began utilizing computerized juror selection technology in the late 1980s with the SmartJury software program.It became apparent that conducting voir dire and attempting to manage the technology simultaneously was not feasable but the groundwork was laid in understanding the advantages of the technology.With the advent of the internet and JurorSearch’s remote collaboration capabilities a new formidable weapon has evolved that can digest exponentially more data than ever before and help win cases.


Strategic Insights Research

SIR is a full-service litigation research group offering surveys, focus groups, mock juries, and more to provide your trial team with Sharper Insights and Smarter Strategy. With more than a decade of experience translating public opinion into strategic decisions, SIR melds behavioral social science with leading research methodologies to help you shape and deliver a message that will resonate with jurors. Contact us today to get started!



Virtual paralegal, legal secretary & assistants: Cost effective and flexible senior level virtual paralegal, legal secretary and administrative support to attorneys.

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