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A solution for prosecutors to organize voir dire

Keep a clean, clear record for any Batson challenges or reconstruction hearings (sometimes months later)

Ensure all front line attorneys are complying with Batson with an appropriate and documented reason for every peremptory and cause strike. Record each reason in real-time and after trial, print out an exported record of the entire trial to document all decisions for any appeals. Consider this 7th Circuit decision where the trial judge sua sponte required counsel to provide their justifications for every peremptory strike two months after the trial. USA v Stephens, 514 F.3d 703 (7th Cir. 2008) or this July 2021 10th Circuit decision ordering a Batson reconstruction hearing 8 years after trial for the State to offer their actual race-neutral reasons for every peremptory strike (Johnson v Martin, 19-5091 (10th Circ 2021).

Collaborate with colleagues or consultants during voir dire

For higher profile cases where a paralegal, colleague or outside consultant would be helpful to research the background of jurors to discover any evidence of bias or to share opinions in real-time over which jurors to further question and which to strike, use JurorSearch for a communications platform.


Recommendations from the Courtroom

Marion County (Iowa) Attorney Ed Bull

10 year elected county attorney

“We used Juror Search in State of Iowa v. Michelle Boat. It aided us in picking a jury that returned a guilty verdict to Murder 1 in the fastest time in Court TV history. We felt that JurorSearch aided us in organizing our thoughts and assisting us in making our strikes. And now, I know that years from now, when this case is being defended on appeal, that I am not going to have to decipher my chicken scratches, I have clearly enumerated reasons for what we did when we did it.

You no longer have to rely on your gut; you have all of the analytics needed to make informed decisions

The days of file folders with post-it notes attached are over.”

Record all race-neutral reasons for strikes

See how it works

Automatic tabulation of racial breakdown of all peremptory strikes

Important to keep track of any unconscious bias to stay Batson compliant