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PERKINS COIE PODCAST: Talking Jury Selection With JurorSearch CEO Dan Johnson

JurorSearch CEO and Co-Founder Dan Johnson sits down with White Collar & Investigations Partner Markus Funk to discuss all things jury. They talk about how ever-evolving customized software solutions help prosecutors, civil litigators, and jury consultants better understand what makes their potential jurors tick, as well as help them ask the right voir dire questions to avoid bad selections. Dan and Markus also discuss how the solutions create real-time records of thinking and strategy to help ward off unforeseen jury issues down the road.

News Release: Jury selection management software selected for market-leading international platform for legal technology

For Release March 18, 2022 Contact: Dan Johnson – 312.933.4890 CHICAGO – JurorSearch has been selected for inclusion into the the market-leading buyers’ tool for legal technology: Reynen Court. Reynen Court is supported by a consortium of twenty of the largest international law firms to provide curated legal technology vendors to their members. “Large law […]

“Innovate to Keep Track of Information During Voir Dire”

Persuasive Litigator tested out JurorSearch during a mock voir dire they conducted. “As the two doing the questioning, we both felt a fresh appreciation of the demands on the attorney conducting the questioning. The person in that role has to work hard to maintain a connection with potential jurors, something they likely cannot do well […]

A discussion with Dan Jaffe of LawLytics on legal technology and jury trials

Thanks to Dan Jaffe of LawLytics for a fun conversation about legal technology, jury trials, the pain of paper-based jury selection and how an interest in government and politics led to a career in software development. The video version of the talk is here Here is the lightly edited transcript (all errors are mine) A Conversation with Dan Johnson, Co-Founder […]

How customers told us to start from scratch

Jury consultants and trial attorneys are nice We started JurorSearch with a big idea: let’s give trial attorneys and their consultants all the information about potential jurors that political campaigns regularly use about potential voters. We built a product. Licensed some data. It worked! And when we showed our customers — public defenders and prosecutors, […]